World Intellectual Property Day 2020 #AwarenessGreenIP

Role play of patent lawyer in understanding creativity with new meaning in 2020.  Celebrating #WorldIPDay & sharing writing tips with aspiring patent agents in India. Intellectual property #IPrights play encouraging role in innovation & creativity. My journey or I would rather say what I am today, I honour my profession with outmost integrity. Life for me in these years has just made me realise that good communication is KEY to be a better human being to serve society at large. Each one of us is innovating and contemplating at any given point of time. However, few are able to take that baby step to envision a novel product or process to change status quo. 

This idea of envisioning is like a poppy seed which dares to think different from the herd and name tag to such inspirational individuals in current era is #Entrepreneur. April 26th is celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day to sensitise masses about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity at a global scale. 

Theme of 2020 is to create a green future.

Simple Mantra of life is What choices we make today will shape our Tomorrow. The earth is our home. We need to care for it. To take care we need to diligent with our actions to build something meaningful for the society at large.


Learn how to write provisional patent application to be filed before Indian PATENT

Paper II, Part C1 2018 Solved with Explanation

This video provides viewers with a glimpse of guidance to write Paper II and especially Part C of the paper to which 50 marks is allocated. Solved Answer to Part C1 along with tips to follow as to how to write main contents of this answer. 2020 is dedicated to green innovations and so many innovations are being tapped by mimicking surroundings. #Biomimicry is imitation of models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

Guide to Patent Examination 2020- Paper II, Part C1 2018 Solved with Explanation #ProvisionalPatents #PatentPendingTag 

In current scheme of things one can foresee number of innovations in #Biomimicrysector #scienceandtechnology #TechnologyPolicyStrategist #futuretechnology #WIPO #IPRs

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2017 - Present

Founder at TCIS, India

‎Technology excites my neurons. I BELIEVE mind is the best machine which can imbibe data in a format and process it in unique ways to generate $$$$$. Learning curve for a human mind is exponential in nature. With the right intent one can achieve what the mind perceives. In my personal capacity I have executed more than 500 technology driven international intellectual projects. 

2019 - Present

Innovation and Technology Strategist

Facilitating digital skills and technology education through United Nation (UN) training programs designed to address human and technical capacity challenges with special focus on generating Innovations.

2010 - 2017

Patent Attorney at Intellectual Property Law Firm

Niche patent consultancy & legal advisory firm based in India providing qualitative legal & technology law solutions for businesses in the Internet of Things (Iot), mobile application, pharma, biotechnology, life sciences, medical device, food tech, biomedical, chemical, healthcare, & other innovation based industries.

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Transforming information into more plausible understanding data matrix is #MyUSP

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