US Placed India on its Priority Watch List #Special301Report

Indian Patent Form 27 for Working of Patent Status

Indian Patent Form 27, Best Litigation Patent Attorney in India, Indian Patent Form 27 for Working of Patent Status
Indian Patent Form 27

US has again placed India on its “Priority Watch List” in its annual Special 301 Report on the state of intellectual property protection. Form 27 is #arsenal tool to control the pricing of patented product in India. According to Form 27, read with Section 146 of India’s Patents Act, 1970, mandates that all patent holders, including pharma firms, declare how the “patent is being worked” in India, giving among other data the quantity and value of the patented product sold by them in the Indian market, whether it is manufactured in India or imported, and whether public requirement has been met to the fullest extent.

The need of the hour is to sign PPH treaty between different countries for speedy patent grant process in India rather than talking on #workingofpatents #strongpatents #askpatentexpert

In the recent discussions the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Indian government are trying to find amicable solution over a dispute over an Indian patent requirement – Form 27 – which mandates patent holders to declare how patent monopoly is being exercised in India.

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