Renewable Innovations will use AI & Iot Patents to Provide Best Sustainable Systems

Enlightening panel discussion with Pranav Mehta. Need of the hour is to use #AI parameters to study renewable innovations to increase the production by studying #bigdata #Strategy #askpatentexpert

 Over the years, Renewable Innovations in solar, wind and other renewable power sources is booming worldwide, especially in China, and is now eclipsing that in fossil fuels. Number of renewable-energy patents were filed before WIPO in 2011.

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Market adaptation of Renewable Innovations

Renewable Innovations to Make Earth a Better Planet

The solution to the sustainable business solution to utilise renewable innovations across the globe is the usage of technologies like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies which can be used to solve real human problems. By providing new, immersive ways of accessing big data they can enhance human learning experience, expand intellectual understanding of complex systems and improve how we interact with one another. Development of Grid Connected and Off-grid Roof-Top Solar Photovoltaic and Small Solar Power Plants with use of Iot based technologies is the need of the hour.

Solar Power History in India

India represents a fast growing economy and has ever increasing demand of energy. Recognising need to develop additional energy supply options, the Indian Government has laid strong emphasis on renewable energy.

Solar energy is regarded as one of the fastest growing clean technologies in recent years.

The Government of India has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) which now has a target of 100,000 MW of grid solar power by 2022, out of which grid connected rooftop Solar PV systems is considered as very potent area and has a target of 40,000 MW. To achieve energy security and for having good optics, it is envisaged to develop solar rooftop projects on large scale by utilising vacant roofs of buildings and adjoining lands of the campus.

One has to understand Renewable Energy Initiatives

“Patent System” includes the integrated assembly of photovoltaic panels, mounting, assemblies, inverters, converters, metering, lighting fixtures, transformers, ballasts, disconnects, combiners, switches, wiring devices and wiring, and all other material comprising the Installation Work. Innovation is the key and we at TCIS take pride in providing solutions to protect renewable innovations internationally.

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