Systems and methods for creating an artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence means inducing the capability to become Intelligent by deploying machine learning techniques.  Industry 4 age of artificial intelligence  can be defined as a situation where machines can think and evolve as humans. New age sustainable business models are based on artificial intelligence  algorithms.


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In 2018 we will see numerous patents using artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as ‘AI’) in the processing of big data which would be defined in the patent claim sections of the patent application.

United States Patent 8504580 titled “Systems and methods for creating an artificial intelligence” protects a computer system implemented method of creating and using multiple artificial intelligence (AI) clones of respective multiple entities comprising the following operations of a computer system: for each of the multiple AI clones, receiving respective text into the computer system from one or more sources; for each of the multiple AI clones, obtaining respective paragraphs from the text received for the AI clones; at least some of the paragraphs comprising multiple sentences, and at least some of the sentences comprising multiple clauses identified based upon figures of speech and punctuation; obtaining a first set of respective context phrases from the received paragraphs, which context phrases are obtained from the respective clauses and are indicative of the context of the respective paragraphs; obtaining respective weights of the context phrases using parameters related to frequency of occurrence of a context phrase relative to other context phrases or to absolute number of occurrences of a context phrase therein; storing the context phrases and the paragraphs as structured data in one or more tables to thereby create initial respective multiple AI clones; for multiple initial AI clones, improving the AI clones by adding paragraphs and a second set of context phrases from text subsequently supplied to the computer system by the source of the text that was used to create the initial AI clones and from one or more other sources, including one or more instructors, and by selectively deleting data from the one or more tables, to thereby create respective improved AI clones; and using the improved AI clones and any remaining initial AI clones that have not been improved, to answer questions posed by users through a process comprising using a compatibility test matching context phrases related to the respective questions to context phrases related to AI clones through a compatibility algorithm relating weights of context phrases related to a question and weights of context phrases related to AI clones, and to direct advertisements to AI clones, wherein a single advertisement is directed essentially concurrently to multiple AI clones, using for the purpose a matching algorithm that uses selected matching criteria in comparing context phrases obtained from the questions or advertisements with said structured data in said one or more tables, which matching algorithm relates context phrases related to advertisements to context phrases related to AI clones and takes into account respective weights of the context phrases that the matching algorithm relates; wherein the AI clones are configured to replace human sources of information in answering a user’s question and assist advertisers in selecting plural AI clones that are likely to be receptive to a single advertisement to thereby direct the advertisement only to some of the AI clones, based on the content of the question and the advertisement.

United States Patent 8504580 granted to GELLER ILYA in the field of artificial intelligence and advertising.

We must appreciate for as long as computers have been around, human imagination has been intrigued by the possibility of creating artificial intelligence.

Technology has been steadily progressing and creating more and more intelligent machines. IBM’s Deep Blue was used to outplay Gary Kasparov in chess. Video games now include characters that intelligently respond to player’s actions. However, emulation of intelligence is a high watermark that scientists strive to achieve. Accordingly, the present invention is directed towards a system and method of creating and teaching an artificial intelligence to emulate a human and subsequently querying such artificial intelligence for various purposes.

The patent method includes the steps of receiving at least one textual input from the user; extracting at least one portion of the textual input from the user and at least one context phrase therefrom; comparing each portion extracted from the textual input from the user to other portions extracted from the textual input from the user according to a first matching algorithm that utilizes the context phrases of each respective portion; and storing in the first table, the portions and respective context phrases that were extracted from the textual input from the user that satisfy the matching algorithm. In further embodiments the portions are textual paragraphs.



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HOW to create the AI Clone?

The AI Clone is implemented on a specialized computer-based system, operative with specific programming for providing the functionality, as described herein. The computer based system includes such art recognized components as are ordinarily found in computer systems, including but not limited to processors, RAM, ROM, clocks, hardware drivers, associated storage (computer readable medium), and the like. The computer-based system may include servers and connections to networks such as the Internet, LAN, or other communication networks.

Initially, the AI Clone may be created by the providing one or more relevant texts to a database. Thereafter, to improve the AI Clone’s knowledge and accuracy, an instructor (who may be one or more people) can conduct “lessons” with the AI Clone to teach it additional information. Once the AI Clone is created, users can converse with the AI Clone, and receive answers to their questions. In alternate embodiments the AI Clone emulates the user and may be queried to determine whether the user would be receptive to a message or advertisement. In certain embodiments the AI Clone may be created solely from an instant message, email, sms, or other similar activities of a particular user that the AI Clone is to emulate. In certain embodiments, the AI Clone may be created solely from an instant message, email, sms, or other similar activities of a particular user that the AI Clone is to emulate. It should be noted that the actual initialization and instantiation of the AI Clone and its memory may be triggered prior to any textual inputs. For example, it may be triggered by User’s accessing of an application, a connection to a user’s IP, or other triggers that indicate anticipation of textual inputs.

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World?

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