Patent Litigation In India

Patent Litigation In India

Patent Litigation In India, patent attorney in India

I always tell my global clients #patentlitigation is like a sword to mint money out of the intellect. Illumina wins important suit about Patent for prenatal diagnotics and receives $26.7 million in patent litigation against #AriosaDiagnostics #Roche  I can very well foresee the future of #patentlitigation in INDIA. We are a team of techno-legal #patentwarriors to get justice and remedy under civil and criminal laws right from #interiminjunction to #knockingout patent #thatshowitsdone WE mean #Business to #makeithappen with #facts.  In personal capacity, I don’t play the game with verbal argument. I like to use the #artofdeduction to deduce the facts in cross-examination. After all it is how well you are able to harness the facts and make an impact powerful enough to change the current way of #patentlitigation. History has time and again proven the fact that change is inevitable #bethatchange

Understanding different #phases of Life is very important. What plan is working today won’t work tomorrow.

#Industry4era is making human mind dumb. Nexus created by #technology to rule human mind is working. Human live in a matrix without any #awareness #trinity #behuman #BeKind #cosmicscience

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The word “idea” should not be imbibed in the literal meaning. On a day to day basis every human mind generates 100 of ideas. Right from the example of Apple, Airbnb to Uber and others who have filed patents to protect the business idea claimed as hardware device.  Idea with proper skeleton is patent worthy. Idea in tangible format will get revenue and that is the crux of doing business. In personal capacity for me Idea means Initiate, develop, evolve the business idea in tangible form and action plan to launch the same in public domain. We do IP harvesting to identify best of the ideas which have some kind of USP and will work in market.  There is no Crystal ball to determine what will work. However, multiple parameters specially big data will be very helpful. Big data is new oil to harness insight in Industry 4 era #godigital #Strategy #IPdeclaration

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