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Freedom to Operate (FTO) research business strategy helps identify potential patent barriers to market entry for your inventive products or technologies.


Patent Freedom to Operate IPR Attorney for YOUR invention. Get Patenting legal opinion by expert FTO Patent lawyer having 12++ yrs of experience.

“FTO” Freedom to Operate, is a patent research service provided by TCIS, India which enables the INVENTOR to proceed with research, development and commercialization of “YOUR” product without infringing the intellectual property rights of others. We believe that getting legal opinion by patent attorney on any technology before launching is the need of the HOUR.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) patent searches help the technology enterprise to obviate patent litigation in court of law. 

Minimum risk of infringing the unlicensed intellectual property rights (IPR) and tangible property rights (TPR) of others.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) is commonly known as Clearance patent searches which helps the individual inventors, enterprise and Fortune 100 companies to  identify potential patent barriers that prevents them from launching their innovative technology in the market. For example, if the business product launch is in India then patent research has to be performed in Indian Patent office.


Business Launch New Product freedom to operate fto patent lawyer

Freedom to Operate Search includes research of expired patents and publicly availably patent documents.

It helps a company / individual inventor to commercialize their business product in a country by analyzing and searching patent literature invariably cited for issued or pending patents.

 Legal opinion by a patent lawyer in India:  Aims at providing a legal opinion from the Indian Patent Attorney as to whether the technology in question is infringing or copying few elements of the patented invention or whether a product, process or service may be considered to infringe any patent(s) owned by others.

WHY knowing Patent Freedom to Operate LEGAL STATUS of IDENTIFIED PATENT IMPORTANT for any Entrepreneur? 

The Patent Freedom to Operate legal status of the patent can be abandoned in many cases even though the identified patent results are close to the technology. In such cases, one is free to use that technology.

Freedom to operate: clearance for technology, patents and innovation

Market entry launch by clearance /Freedom to operate searching and opinions for patents by patent expert. TCIS assist in protecting technology and innovation.

Patent Freedom to Operate Strategy

Getting your Patent Freedom to Operate MARKET ENTRY for invention is important. Patent FREEDOM TO OPERATE strategy reviewed by our patent professionals who have 12++ years of experience. We at TCIS, India provide in-depth patent search services by patent search outsourcing India team of patent strategists who are experts and have experience in performing more than 2200+ patent searches.

Our patent attorneys provides legal opinion on market potential of an Invention and have been providing  opinion to various law firms over various complex and core technological inventions.

Our technological experts provide their assistance to gain a clear perspective over technical as well as market difficulties that Your PATENT may face while launching and entering into a country.

Our team of Indian Patent attorneys and researchers conduct Intellectual Property due diligence, research and analysis on foreign technologies on behalf of our international clients who want to enter India. It is very important for any product, device to get clearance search and freedom to operate in India before entering the INDIAN market.  

We at Tech Corp International Strategist, TCIS help you determine whether your product infringes the patent rights of another company in India.

Your need of an hour is to know what types of patents are existing in India  or YOUR technology and what might prevent you from testing or marketing your products in Indian market. Performing Freedom to operate (FTO) patent search is an important checklist from Patent Freedom to Operate & Market Entry Strategy.

Schedule a call today  to discuss Patent Freedom to Operate, your idea and market entry strategy with our experienced team of patent lawyers who are here to serve you.

Patent Freedom to Operate

Your research for best intellectual property strategist , Patent Freedom to Operate analysis for protecting YOUR Invention ends here. ūüôā

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