Patent Agent Examination 2020

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Patent Agent Examination 2020, Indian Patent Agent Examination,

IPRs has to be understood in REAL sense against the background. In current scheme of #businesses many folks still don’t appreciate real value of intellect and what Intellectual Property brings on the table and to the masses at large.

Intellectual property is the TRUE creation of the human intellect including but not limited to creativity concepts, inventions, industrial models, trademarks, songs, literature, software codes and the like.

Patent Agent Examination 2020

What is the Eligibility for becoming a patent agent in India?#PatentExamtraining2020

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The Patents Act read with the Patents Rules U/S 125, 126, 127 Rule 108, and 109 prescribe the qualifications and the eligibility for becoming a patent agent. In order to get registered as a patent agent one has to pass an examination conducted by the Controller General of Patents annually.

Patent Agent Examination 2020

The notification concerning the examination is published in the official website and also in at least one prominent newspaper.

In order to apply for registration as a patent agent, one has to be a citizen of India, above the age of 21, and should have a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering from a recognized Indian University or possesses such other equivalent qualifications as the Central Government may specify in this behalf.

All matters relating to registration and subsequent procedures regarding patent agents are dealt by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Mumbai. Particulars to be contained in the Register of Patent Agents:

1) The register of patent agents maintained under section 125 shall contain the name, nationality, address of the principal place of business, addresses of branch offices, if any, the qualifications, the date of registration of every registered patent agent and the details of their renewal of registration and any other particulars so specified by the Controller.

2) Where the register of patent agents is in computer floppies, diskettes or any other electronic form, it shall be maintained and accessed only by the person who is duly authorised by the Controller and no entry or alteration of any entry or rectification of any entry in the said register shall be made by any person who is not so authorised by the Controller.

Application for Registration of Indian Patent Agents:

(1) Every person who desires to be registered as a patent agent shall make an application in Form 22.

(2) The applicant shall furnish such other information as may be required by the Controller.

(3) A person desirous to appear in the qualifying examination under rule 110 shall make a request to the Controller along with the fee specified in the First Schedule after announcement of such examination and within the period as may be specified in the announcement.

Patent Agent Examination 2020, Indian Patent Agent Examination,

What are the Rights of Indian Patent Agents:

A Indian patent agent is entitled

a. to practice before the Controller; and

b. to prepare all documents, transact all business and discharge such other functions as may be prescribed in connection with any proceedings before the Controller under this Act.

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