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"It is a pleasure writing for Prity. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting and working with her on all Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer related matters. She is extremely passionate, diligent and knowledgeable in the subject area, and has a strong grasp on the topic from a global perspective. Wishing Prity all the very best in all her future endeavors."

Experience Industrial design WITH HAWK EYE APPROACH

Human eye is able to perceive what it sees and aesthetic appeal to one’s eye is known as Industrial design. In India, Industrial design is becoming more important than ever before. Read our case study…

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Understand Novel
user experience

A novel technology business enterprise involves a new product or simply a novel approach to market or deliver an existing product deploying Artificial Intelligence Modules and integrating with IoT devices to invent novel ways to look at life at large.

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Get GLobal Trademark under Madrid protocol

Branding is simply how your consumers feel about your product or service. We at TCIS create trademark and brand strategies to create novel growth curve for our domestic technology business ventures and international clients. 

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Technology Sectors We serve

Patent Software Lawyer, Mobile Apps Telecom, AI, ML and IoT Patents, Patent Information and Communication , Technology or ICT , new taxonomy,

Software Computing, Calculations & IoT Counting Modules

How you deploy a set of instructions in a unique pattern with assistance of one or more modules to manufacture hardware component is key strategy to become new age inventor in IoT, Blockchain, Mobile Application, Edtech ecosystem and Big data world.

Genetic engineering Patent attorney, biochemistry patent attorney

Chemistry & Biochemistry Patenting Trends

Patent attorney working at intersection where genetic engineering and computing power meet is emergence of novel field which is applicable in manufacturing beer, and wine. Distilling data points to identify meaningful patterns is solution to decrypt important data matrix. Fast forward understanding smart devices

Patent expert Electronics,

Electronics and Telecommunication

Understanding legal aspects of artificial intelligence in business, household and public sector. Digital declaration has been signed in the year 2020 to set the rules and code of conduct to protect privacy of users.

develop Novel inventions​, Patent expert in Mobile Web Application,

Mobile Web Application in Conjunction with Sensors to develop Novel inventions

New age is reality is to understand Augmented reality, virtual reality. Fun part is how to combine AR, VR with different sensors to measure big data generated in the process is novel application. Good examples would be mobile apps in healthcare, driverless cars, & goods.

patent attorney india, professional patent attorney, blockchain patent attorney

Role of Blockchain in Online & Pharmaceutical Sector

Novel products and applications are protected through patents based on blockchain. Working with stakeholders in different capacities to prepare blueprint on role of blockchain in fighting falsified drugs in India. RFID & Micro tagging in identifying substandard drugs and developing new age strategies to be proactive.

Patent attorney for ICT technologies, ICT Patents - Patent Attorney India

Novel Information and Communication #ICTSector

New taxonomy based on the international patent classification is being tagged as "J" to include technologies related to ICT. Fast forward understanding of smart devices & effective implementations with other devices is key approach to develop path breaking strategies.