How to Perform Patent Search for Innovative Ideas?

Perform Patent Search for Innovative Ideas

Perform patent search for innovative ideas by taking to our thinking geek team of patent researchers.

“Many people come up with great innovative ideas ! But defining the idea to make it an asset that can ultimately be protected makes a difference!”

Got a brilliant idea? How can you be sure that your innovative idea, is novel?

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In order to obtain patent protection, an important step in the invention process is to make sure that no other same or similar product exists in the market.

It will not only help you obtain patent protection, but it will help you define your target market of people and determine how large it is.


So what’s the best way to conduct a basic patent novelty search?

Perform Patent Search for Innovative Ideas: From Idea Phase to Innovation Phase

To begin with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent database is a good starting point for inventors to conduct preliminary patent search. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent database is a free patent search engine available online to the public. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent database includes patent searches for both patent pending applications and granted patents. Our patent experts who has Techno legal degree provide patent search consultancy services to domestic Indian and overseas clients for more than a decade.

“The road to riches down the innovation path not only takes inspiration but it also takes perspiration”.

Procedure for Patent Searching | Your Patent Consultant for Research

  • Brainstorm terms and Identify the main keywords for your technology
  • Identify the relevant patent classification based on your keywords (IPC /CPC)
  • Select the most relevant patent applications based on the patent classification. (Read the patent claims and refer the patent drawings)
  • Review Backward and forward citations in the patent applications (Patent & Non-patent References cited by the patent applicant and/or patent examiner may lead you to additional relevant patents)
  • Broaden your United States US patent search
  • Perform US patent search by identified inventor name
  • Perform PCT WIPO patent search
  • Utilize US patent quick search
  • US patent search by patent publication/ grant number
  • To research more relevant patent publications use keyword searching on the European Patent Office’s Worldwide Espacenet patent database
  • Search non-patent literature online / offline.

“An invention requires conception and reduction to practice of an innovative idea.  

A Concept is something that exists in the mind of the inventor as the product of careful brainstorming and reducing the concept of a complete and operative invention to practice requires that the claimed invention work for its intended purpose.”

Perform Patent Search for Innovative Ideas: Free Patent Research Tools available for inventors, patent applicants and US patent attorneys are as follows:

  • USPTO: US patent database for published and granted US patents
  • WIPO: International patent database including PCT international patent results
  • IPO: Indian Patent Database to search domestic published and granted patents in India
  • ESPACENET: EPO Patent Database Patent search consultancy | Patent Report Formats for patentability and other important IP analysis: Patent Mapping the independent and dependent patent claims. Identifying strength, weakness of granted patent by performing SWOT analysis Patent Claim White Gap Analysis


We at Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS, India) can help you determine if your invention is patentable and Perform Patent Search for Innovative Ideas. Our team of Patent attorneys have expertise in worldwide Patent analysis, Patent portfolio and landscaping besides Prior art searching, validity searches, Freedom to Operate report and Reporting patent Infringement for granted patents. Get patent search consultancy services from our experienced team of patent lawyers.


Prity Khastgir founder at Tech Corp International Strategist, India and law firm partner at Tech Corp Legal LLP. Prity Khastgir is a techno-savvy patent attorney in India with 12 yrs++ of experience working with clients across the globe. Her areas of expertise are IP portfolio research, cross-border technology transactions, licensing agreements, product clearance, freedom-to-operate, patent infringement & invalidity analysis, research & opinions.

Currently, she helps startups to raise funds, assists foreign companies to find right business partners in India. She also assists enterprises to enter and find the right angels, and VCs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, Japan and India.

For further information on patents and patent filing in India connect with our highly skilled and experienced patent lawyers and IP strategists.

Go-to patent consultant for all time zones, be it new product launch in Asia, IP landscape across EU, freedom-to-operate analysis in Japan or patent invalidation for litigation in US.

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