How much time does it take for the registration of a patent in India?

registration of a patent in India has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Good news in current scenario is that earlier patent registration timeline of 5-6 years to get patent granted in India has been reduced to 9-10 months from date of first filing of patent specification before Indian patent Office.

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If everything is in order during patent prosecution stages in India, the patent applicant / patent inventor is able to receive patent registration clearance order within 9–10 months.

Good News FIRST: Timeline to get patent granted in India has been reduced to 9–10 months by expediting patent examination process.

Caveat: You have to pay yearly patent annuity fees to keep the patented innovation in force aka legal status.

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Patent annuity is the fee paid to Indian patent office to maintain a granted patent or patent application in force. Generally also termed as patent renewal fee or patent maintenance fee.

The saga to pay the government fees as patent maintenance fees is 20 years to reap true benefits of patent registration in INDIA.

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