How to Gain Access in Fintech Sector?

Innovation in Fintech Sector #PatentAttorneyIndia

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Filing Patents to gain access in the fintech sector is a good strategic move. Walmart and other important business entities just file patents with two viewpoints. One viewpoint is very obvious to create a playing field for all other players in the market.

Other not so discussed pointer is defensive publication of the technology so the publication itself becomes prior art and no other patent applicant is able to bag the coveted prize of owning a patent.

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Defensive publication of the technology so the publication itself becomes prior art

Sustainability of any technology is the need of the hour and reaching masses to develop win-win approach is the only way out to understand technologies around financial sector. The emerging digital technologies is not limited to 5G, AI, IoT, cloud computing, Bigdata and blockchain to enable mass consumption and envisage the big picture for the 5 trillion economy of India.

History is the Biggest Saviour and Governments Across Know that Innovation and IPR will attract more investment to generate job opportunities for the masses. Data is crucial and Big data is the new mining oil to harness creative content for the masses to imbibe.

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Intellectual Services from experienced individuals:

* Patent Searches

* Utility Patent Applications

* Provisional Patent Applications

* Design Patent Applications

* Responses to Office Actions

* Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Applications

* Patent Infringement Opinions

* Trademark Searches

* Trademark Applications

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