Bollywood Chhapaak under Copyright Radar

IPRs has to be understood in REAL sense against the background

In current scheme of Indian backed businesses, many folks still don’t appreciate real value of intellect and what Intellectual Property brings on the table and to the masses at large.

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What Intellectual Property brings on the table and to the masses at large is the question an intellectual mind needs to answer to understand IPR in real sense.

Intellectual property is the TRUE creation of the human intellect including but not limited to creativity concepts, inventions, industrial models, trademarks, songs, literature, software codes and the like. Strange claims are being filed by authors to claim a story of real life event under Copyright laws.

Good judgement by Bombay HC that ruled out that no one person can claim copyright on a story that is based on true events, opposing writer Rakesh Bharti’s suit claiming that #Chhapaak is based a story written by him. Justice SC Gupte made prima facie observations on hearing arguments on interim relief sought by Bharti.

Lesson Learnt by Copyright lawyer in India

Copyright registration in India is one aspect and claiming to be true author is all together a different story

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